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Configuration Settings for your Kewa Email Account

Click on the link below to get specific configuration settings for your computers and devices.

Typically, email address and password aside, this is what you need in order to change or setup an email account on your devices:

Incoming Server Settings

Port 995 with SSL enabled or Port 110 with no SSL enabled

Port 993 with SSL enabled or Port 143 with no SSL enabled

Outgoing Server Settings

Port 465 with SSL enabled or Port 587 using STARTTLS

Contact us if you need guided assistance with this process or if you want to change your account password.

Important: We recommend that you configure your email on at least one device as a POP account to act as a backup of your email and related contacts. You may use IMAP settings (typically the default setup on Apple devices) or access your email through a web browser if you don't feel you need a backup of your email.