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NMML Test Database

Download the database file (Test.accdb) by clicking here. Alternatively, a zipped version is here.

Once downloaded, double click on the file to open it. If the file opens with a confirmation message, your system has a working version of Microsoft Access already installed and you may close the file. If you cannot open the file, click on the link below to get the free run-time version of Microsoft Access.

If you get a page of crazy symbols (courtesy of Windows 10), right click on the first "here" above and choose Save Target As, choosing your Desktop or Downloads folder, or just choose the zipped version.

Download Microsoft Access 2016 Run-Time (be sure to choose the smaller x86 file versus the x64)

Once the run-time version of Access is installed, try opening up the Test file again.

For technical support, contact either Kathy or Destin:

Kathy Hennessy
800-432-2036 x529

Destin Richter